Sheepskin Baby Blankets and Rugs

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When a new born is about to enter the world, a lot of preparation and planning goes into the awaited arrival.  This process is an exciting experience as you do your very best to make your home a happy and contented one for your child.  You will purchase clothes, prams, toys, teething rings, bouncers and car seats.  You may paint and decorate their new nursery using light relaxing and gentle baby patterns and colours that your child will enjoy.  We encourage you to consider purchasing a sheepskin baby blanket for your new bundle of joy.

At first a lot of considered thought must go into the sleeping arrangements of your new baby.  When a baby first comes into the world they tend to sleep in smaller sleep cycles during the day and slightly longer periods during the night time.  Over time, depending on each individual child, this process gradually changes, whereby they sleep more during the night with lighter napping periods in the day.  For this reason most choose a mosses basket or carrycot for the first months of their babies life, in order that they can be moved easily around the home without being disturbed from their cosy bed.  As an average new born sleeps for around 16 hours a day, you may find to begin with, that the purchase of somewhere to sleep is the most important one.  So, what about blankets and other bedding?  A sheepskin baby blanket is a good choice for your baby.

As we all experience a dip in our body temperature when we sleep, we tend to prefer covers and bedding like a sheepskin or lambskin rug, that make us feel snug and warm. We naturally sleep better when our bodies are kept cooler than in the day time, as our metabolisms and other body processes go into rest.  Babies are not as able generally, to control their body temperatures as well as an older child or adult.  This means that it falls on us to help make sure they are warm enough, but not so hot that they can’t get a good healthy sleep.  Care and attention also needs to be given to choosing a good insulator that draws moisture away from your baby.

A sheepskin baby blanket is a natural insulator and draws away moisture as it is capable of trapping up to 36% of its weight in moisture and therefore drawing it away from your baby.  Sheepskin and lambskin are also considered as hypoallergenic, perfect for preventing allergens interfering with your babies health and sleep pattern.

sheepskin rug is also a perfect choice for a baby room.  As your child grows and starts to play and move about, you want a safe, comfortable place for them to explore on. Floor rugs and play areas are popular, especially if they provide a tactile environment for your child.  This makes sheepskin and lambskin rugs the best choice for your baby. Please click here for more information.