Welcome to Organic Sheepskins

The Real Sheepskin Rugs Specialist

At Organic Sheepskins, you can be sure to get the best quality and most ethical sheepskins. As the only registered organic sheepskin tannery in England, we specialise in rugs using real sheepskin in a sustainable way, as well as those using lambskin and goatskin.

You can rest assured that all sheepskin are tanned using an original process, which is certified with the BDA Organic Certificate 323, Defra UK6, and the SA standards. Skins are British bred, including the standard skins, and more rare and minority breeds. We offer individually selected skins, as well as client owned sheep and goats skins. Whilst legally other brands may be labelled organic, without the official certification number and body, only we hold with regard to sheepskin.

The sheepskins used are genuinely organic, making use of the skins of animals that have gone into the food chain, with just 2% of ewe flock having organic certification. Our skins are selected from the extensively reared British flock, as we know that sheep, including the livestock we keep, mainly live on grass and enjoy being free to roam.

As sheepskin suppliers, our stock includes sheepskin baby rugs, larger unique sheepskin and goatskin rugs, toys, and we also offer our tanning service as mentioned earlier. You can be sure that the sheepskin we have for sale is machine washable, long-standing, and non-allergenic. It is also free from bleaches and dyes, and no toxic chemicals are used in either the raw materials, or the process itself.

We use our expertise obtained from over forty years of experience as a British sheepskin company to select rugs individually, taking time and distance to create the beautiful works of art displayed and supplied in our design studio. For everyday use, as well as use as bed rugs for the elderly or bed-ridden, we have even supplied sheepskins to the smash hit ‘The Vikings’.